Naked Snacks

Who doesn’t like the idea of healthy snacks delivered to your office on a regular basis? Subscription snacks are taking off for good reason: convenience, nutrition and the need for a solid break from your chaotic workday.

We met Naked Snacks’ founder, Neil Thompson when we worked out of UBC Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub in Vancouver back in 2013. Since then, we’ve been working to promote his mission and product.

The purpose of our work was to form a brand strategy that stood out in the competitive marketplace while not ignoring the roots of where it all started. By breaking down the ingredients to its purest form we formed a theme that delivers a true moment all to yourself, from the moment you see it online to when it arrives at your desk.

Served Fresh

  • Market Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media
  • Interactive Design


  • Art Direction & Design - Briony Crane
  • Project Management & Strategy - Deborah Haust
  • Social Media - Shnane Liem
  • Photography - Britney Gill
  • Programming - Parker Mclean