Projecting Change Film Festival

The goal of this project was to foster engagement in the discussion of food labeling through an interactive half-day event. By running a workshop with the designers of Let’s Patch (a self-watering gardening kit), showing the film Genetic Roulette and leading a question and answer session by Victory Gardens, we aimed to inspire an audience to gain perspective on the significance of labeling genetically modified foods.

Background: In December 2012, the discussion around labeling genetically modified foods was gaining exposure. Goodforks teamed up with Projecting Change, a 5-day film festival in Vancouver that features award-winning documentaries while exploring themes and discussions in environmental and social sustainability.

Served Fresh

  • Event planning
  • Social media
  • Programming
  • Facilitation
  • Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Connections


  • Art Direction and Design: Briony Crane
  • Film Screening: Katie Schaeffers, Projecting Change
  • Strategy: Deborah Haust
  • Workshop: Kent Houston, Let’s Patch
  • Q&A: Lisa Giroday, Victory Gardens
  • Social Media: Leila Pejman
  • Model: Eugene Boulangier
  • Event Photos:

Fundraising | Film Poster

Projecting Change Screening Poster

Fundraising | Film Screening

Projecting Change film screening attendees

Connections | Community Engagement Discussion

Projecting Change speaker

Let's Patch Workshop

Let's Patch presentation