Ecotrust - ThisFish

Ecotrust Canada's traceability program, ThisFish, wanted to better inform consumers about specific catch methods. Next thing we knew we were off to drawing board to create a vision for delivering information within the following parameters: produce short videos that could be easily replicated, used with or without sound, incorporate pre-existing footage and to remain on brand.

Background: When we sat down for a coffee with Tasha Sutcliffe, the Vice President at Ecotrust Canada (Ecotrust), we became instantly passionate about their purpose. The same passion resonated when we met with the rest of the team. Ecotrust is an enterprising nonprofit that aims to build the conservation economy.

Served Fresh

  • Storyboards
  • Video + Editing
  • Workshops
  • Market Strategy


  • Direction: Briony Crane
  • Production and Editing: Nicholas Shepard, Blue Chip Productions
  • Composer: Andrew Oye

Catch Method Videos