Tides Canada

Goodforks was tasked with a range of projects from branding an event to signify the various land-based seafood products to attracting experts to speak at conferences held along the west coast to facilitating an online communication system that helped assess the feasibility of an association. Each job was unique and required a blend of strategic thinking mixed with taking action and getting er’ done.

Background: When we met Catherine Emrick, Senior Associate of Tides Canada it was pre-Goodforks time. Land-based aquaculture was gaining rapid exposure and Tides Canada Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund was developing its action plan to ensure solutions in the industry were advancing.

Served Fresh

  • Event Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Facilitation
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Growth Planning


  • Art Direction: Briony Crane
  • Design: Pamela Rounis
  • Strategy and Planning: Deborah Haust

Event Design | Event Poster & Illustrations

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Event Design | Grower & Catcher Station Posters